Freedom From Alcohol

Updated: 04/3/20 6:36 PM

Freedom From Alcohol has decided to only hold meetings by electronic format until further notice.

Sunshine Cathdral closed

Updated: 04/2/20 12:34 PM

The Sunshine Cathedral, MCC, in Ft. Lauderdale is now closed to meetings.

Don’t Forget Your Intergroup

Updated: 03/30/20 10:49 AM

We at Broward County Intergroup are blessed to serve a district filled with loyal and willing members of AA. When this crisis passes, we will still want to have a functioning Intergroup office, so if you are fortunate enough to work from home at this time, please consider making a small donation through our PayPal button on the home page. It all adds up! Thank you so much.

Riverside Group

Updated: 03/30/20 10:34 AM

The Riverside Group has gone to an online meeting format until further notice.

Margate Group suspended

Updated: 03/26/20 3:37 PM

Margate Group meetings that met at Cokesbury Methodist in Margate are now suspended until further notice.

441 Group closed

Updated: 03/24/20 4:54 PM

The 441 Group meetings will not be meeting in Margate until further notice.

Into Action suspended

Updated: 03/24/20 12:42 PM

The Into Action group in Coral Springs has suspended their meeting until further notice.

Deerfield Beach Study Group

Updated: 03/24/20 12:41 PM

Deerfield Beach Study group will only be meeting online until further notice.

Sanctuary meetings Suspended

Updated: 03/22/20 8:32 PM

Free to Be and Downtown Drydock in Ft. Lauderdale, which were meeting outside are now meeting online only.

Appreciation Banquet Postponed

Updated: 03/21/20 1:50 PM

The Annual Intergroup Appreciation Banquet which was scheduled for April 25 has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 19th until further notice. Thank you all for your support and understanding during these challenging times. Please be smart and stay healthy.

Sunlight Anniversary cancelled

Updated: 03/21/20 10:36 AM

Sunlight of the Spirit in Hollywood will no longer be having their Anniversary Party on April 4th.

Meditation at the Rock

Updated: 03/20/20 3:49 PM

Meditation at the Rock which meets in Oakland Park has to suspend the meeting until further notice due to city mandates.

Rule 62 Not meeting

Updated: 03/20/20 3:48 PM

The Rule 62 Group which meets at the Sanctuary in Fort Lauderdale will not be meeting until further notice.

101 Club closed

Updated: 03/20/20 3:13 PM

The 101 Club in Pompano Beach is closed for two weeks.

4th Dimension Club

Updated: 03/19/20 12:39 PM

The 4th Dimension Club in Hollywood will be closing effective March 20th until April 17th in accordance with city mandate.

Sober Today Club

Updated: 03/19/20 12:24 PM

The Sober Today Club in Hollywood will be closed in accordance with city mandates until April 17th.

Pompano Beach Group

Updated: 03/19/20 12:05 PM

The Pompano Beach Group has suspended all meetings until further notice.

Davie Men’s Group

Updated: 03/18/20 6:28 PM

Davie Men’s group will not be meeting until further notice.

Davie Women’s Group

Updated: 03/18/20 6:27 PM

Davie Women’s Group will not be meeting until further notice.

Mid Day Sobriety

Updated: 03/18/20 6:26 PM

Mid Day Sobriety meetings have been suspended until further notice.

Coconut Creek Groups

Updated: 03/18/20 6:15 PM

The 2 meetings in Coconut Creek that were held at Calvary Presbyterian are now suspended until further notice.

St. David’s Church

Updated: 03/18/20 6:13 PM

St. David’s Church in Davie has now closed to all meetings.

Limited Hours and Take Out

Updated: 03/18/20 1:28 PM

Beginning, Monday, March 23rd the Intergroup Bookstore will only be open from 1-6 PM, Monday-Friday, and on Saturday by appointment only 11 AM – 1 PM. Orders must be placed in advance by phone, online, or email and we will only be accepting checks or credit cards until further notice. We appreciate your understanding and hope you all stay safe. 954.462.0403

The Pink Church

Updated: 03/18/20 12:03 PM

The Women’s Hope in Recovery meeting and the Serenity Sisters which meet at First Presbyterian in Pompano, will not be meeting until further notice.

Coral Springs Men’s Group

Updated: 03/18/20 11:59 AM

The Coral Springs Men’s group that meets Monday night in Coral Springs has been suspended until further notice.

Breakfast on the Beach

Updated: 03/18/20 11:58 AM

The Breakfast on the Beach meeting in Ft. Lauderdale has moved to George English Park until the beaches are reopened.

Area 15 Assembly cancelled

Updated: 03/18/20 11:56 AM

The South Florida Area 14 General Assembly that was scheduled to be held at the Marriott in Boca April 3-5 has been cancelled.

Gratitude Dinner Planning is cancelled this month.

Updated: 03/18/20 11:53 AM

The first planning meeting that was scheduled to be held at the Twelve Step House this Sunday, March 22, has been canceled.

Twelve Step House closed

Updated: 03/18/20 9:57 AM

The Twelve Step House in Fort Lauderdale has decided to close for at least 2 weeks.

Ft. Lauderdale Women’s Group

Updated: 03/17/20 4:14 PM

The Fort Lauderdale Women’s group that meets at the Twelve Step House will not be meeting until further notice.

Express Group

Updated: 03/17/20 4:13 PM

The Express Group that meets at Christ Lutheran Church in Fort Lauderdale will not be meeting until further notice.

Walter C. Young

Updated: 03/17/20 4:11 PM

The Walter C. Young Center in Pembroke Pines is closed, so the Came to Believe group and the Western Oasis group will not be meeting until further notice.

By the Book Beginners

Updated: 03/16/20 3:22 PM

By the Book Beginners which meets at Christ Community Church in Pompano will not be meeting until further notice.

Gratitude Group

Updated: 03/16/20 3:07 PM

The Gratitude Group which met at St. Malachy in Tamarac will not be meeting until further notice.

East Naples Men’s

Updated: 03/16/20 3:06 PM

East Naples Men’s Group, which met at St. Maximillian in Pembroke Pines will not be meeting until further notice.

Women’s Honesty

Updated: 03/16/20 1:07 PM

Women’s Honesty which meets at St. James in Hollywood has taken their meeting to an online format.

Westside Men’s Group

Updated: 03/16/20 1:07 PM

The Westside Men’s Group which meets at Plantation United Methodist in Plantation will not be meeting until further notice.

Oakland Park Group

Updated: 03/16/20 1:05 PM

The Oakland Park Group which meets at St. Mark’s in Ft. Lauderdale will not be meeting until further notice.

French meetings

Updated: 03/16/20 11:27 AM

The French meetings in Pompano Beach and Boynton Beach will not be meeting until further notice. See the French website for any other changes as they become available.

Pride Center

Updated: 03/16/20 10:07 AM

The Pride Center in Wilton Manors will be closed to all AA meetings until further notice due to health concerns.

Churches and Schools

Updated: 03/14/20 1:12 PM

If your group meets at a church or school location, please contact the church before going. Many of them are closed and asking outside groups not to come. You may be able to find a website for the location, otherwise lookup a phone number. Intergroup can only close meetings that we have been notified for.

You can also call clubhouses to see if they are open, before going out.

Remember, there are online meetings available through our Links.

Be safe everyone.

Perry Street South

Updated: 03/14/20 12:50 PM

This meeting will not be meeting at Sun Serve until further notice.

Tamarac Group

Updated: 03/14/20 12:47 PM

The Tamarac Group has suspended all in-person meetings at this time.

Lambda South closed

Updated: 03/14/20 11:58 AM

The Lambda South Clubhouse on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale has made a decision to close until April 1st. All meetings that met there have been suspended until further notice.

No Monthly Meetings

Updated: 03/14/20 11:30 AM

The Intergroup meeting that was scheduled for March 22nd at Twelve Step House will not be meeting.

The General Service meeting which was scheduled at NSU for March 15 is no longer meeting.

Imperial Point

Updated: 03/14/20 10:37 AM

All meetings that were being held at Imperial Point Hospital are now suspended until further notice.

Health Concerns

Updated: 03/12/20 6:25 PM

The local and national news is continually giving updates on the Corona Virus. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE, as members of Alcoholics Anonymous, so please keep the following in mind:

There are a multitude of online meetings and telephone meetings that you can join, if you are afraid to go out. The Online Intergroup link can be found through this site by clicking on Links. There are audio and video meetings available.

It is being recommended not to hold hands, but each group is autonomous.

Any meetings or clubs that are not able to meet will be posted here, if WE RECEIVE notice of such. If you find a meeting closed that was listed, please let us know.

Stay healthy.

Mountain Group Displaced

Updated: 03/12/20 6:14 PM

The Mountain Group is currently looking for a place to meet, and will not be having the meeting at Holy Cross Hospital until further notice.

Responsibility Coins

Updated: 02/4/20 3:30 PM

You can now get Anniversary Medallions with the Responsibility Statement on the back if you like. They are only available in Black and White, and only if ordered in advance. Stop by to see if you like the look, and order for someone special!